Hatch Event: Housing in Wales

Housing is a key issue and focus for DCFW in 2016.  We will be holding a series of Hatch events on this theme ahead of our annual international autumn conference.  The Hatch events will allow you to contribute to and help us shape and the conference.

This initial discussion will be introduced by Professor John Punter.  John is part-time professor in urban design at Cardiff University and sits on the DCFW design review panel.  His introduction will consider the Welsh housing crisis and provide a perspective on recent and emerging residential development in Wales.

After this thought provoking introduction the floor will be open for discussion.  We are interested in hearing your perspective and experience of the challenges and opportunities facing the delivery of quality housing in Wales.  Feel free to bring along examples and share ideas.  Even if you don’t have much experience of housing projects, we still value you input as a shaper of the built environment.  This initial discussion is about teasing out the issues that will help us to frame future debate, seminars and our autumn conference.

If you have not attended a Hatch event before please have a look at what the network is about here and if you think it is for you please join us.

Refreshments on arrival.

Event details


Thursday 4th February 2016


6pm - 8pm


DCFW Office