DCFW Celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 - Carole-Anne Davies

Our Chief-Executive Carole-Anne Davies shares her thoughts today to mark International Women’s Day and help #breakthebias #IWD #IWD2022


Carole-Anne Davies

The one.

The one who…

…checks herself before entering the room.

…can’t believe she’s there.

…stands out and not in a good way – she thinks.

…whose skin is different from the others.

The redhead.

The big one.

The stroppy one.

The chopsy one.

The one who apologises whenever she speaks…sorry can I just…

The one who isn’t academic.

The one who is academic.

The one with ‘the hair’.

The gay one.

The trans one.

The old one.

The junior one.

The reader.

The one who didn’t catch where the others were going.

The one who isn’t just ‘the one’ but is only one, among millions, getting the message every day that they don’t fit.

How exacting the dimensions are in a biased world.

#breakthebias #IWD2022


Carole-Anne Davies is the Chief Executive of the Design Commission for Wales.