Delight in the Everyday

The Design Commission for Wales is pleased to collaborate with Ruthin Craft Centre on an exhibition which recognises quality in the everyday in Wales – the homes, public places, schools, work places, parks, shops and community buildings which we enjoy, and which form the background to everyday life.  ‘Delight in the Everyday’ celebrates the simple pleasures found in the unassuming buildings and places which eschew louder ambition and are entirely appropriate and delightful in their simplicity.

The Commission has selected several designers working in the built environment in Wales to contribute exhibits which explore the theme of Delight in the Everyday.  From the simple planting of wildflowers to brighten up a dull roadside, to a study of the search for thermal comfort in a courtyard house, the designers consider some of the infinite variety of ways in which good design contributes to our enjoyment of day to day life.